Saturday is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. here's all the books available for FREE.

here's a list of ihaveyourshit certified Free Comics available at your local comic book shop tomorrow.

1. Infinity, Marvel Comics. Why? Jonathan Hickman and Jim Cheung art. those are good whys.

2. Strangers, Oni Press. Why? Chris Roberson.

3. Molly Danger/Princeless, Action Lab Comics. Why? Jamal Igle creator owned yo!

4. Marble Season, Drawn and Quarterly. Why? Gilbert Hernandez is a comic book genius/god. this is the comic most creators are talking about right now.

5. Walking Dead, Image Comics. Why? new content that wont be reprinted or collected again.

6. Mouse Guard/Rust flip book, Archaia Entertainment. Why? Mouse Guard is the prettiest comic in decades. people of all ages adore this title. check this one out quick cause they always go quick.

7. 2000 AD, 2000 AD. Why? chances are youve never read 2000 AD. Now's youre chance.

8. Judge Dredd Classics, IDW. Why? reprinting original Judge Dredd comics in color for free. better yet, BRIAN BOLLAND colored art.

9. Dragon Ball and Rurouni Kenshin Restoration, Viz llc. Why? one of the greatest comics ever in color for free. Akira Toriyama has your shit.

10. Superman Special Edition, DC comics. Why? this free comic reprints the amazing Adam Kubert, Geoff Johns, and, Richard Donner story from a few years ago. this pre NEW52 action comics story is one of the nicest looking Superman comics in years. its a reprint yeah, but it might be new for many of you. plus its got Superman wearing his red undies on the outside of his pants again. so you know its gonna peoples shit.

there you go. stick to that list and let us know how FCBD went on your end. enjoy it.